Five Facts on the Sailors in Jonah

Jonah is one of the more well known Bible Stories.  God tells Jonah to go and preach to Nineveh a foreign city.  Jonah instead tries to run away from his call, and finds himself in a belly of a fish.  During his flight, Jonah meets a group of sailors. These sailors are often overshadowed by a big fish and a silly prophet, but they are crucial in helping us recognize the hypocrisy in Jonah and hopefully excising hypocrisy from our own lives.  Let’s not miss the message of the Sailors by focusing on the big fish. 

Number One:  They are pagan (Jonah 1:5).  They do not worship or follow Yahweh, the God of the Bible.  We know this because when the storm comes, each sailor cried out to his god.  A clear indicator that their gods were not Yahweh.  This is contrasted to Jonah, who is a prophet of Yahweh, so in the first chapter of Jonah, you are introduced to two characters.  Jonah a prophet of Yahweh, and these pagan, unbelieving sailors.  What unfolds in this chapter is a comedic tale of comparison between Jonah who should know how to live and serve the true God Yahweh, and the pagan sailors who should not know how to live as God wills.  

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Five Facts on the Twelve Disciples

Quick, can you name the twelve disciples?  Come on, shout them out.  There‘s Peter, Matthew, the one with the funny name, the guy that doubted.  And, uh.  Well, if you did just rattle off the twelve disciples without hesitation, I am betting you had an awesome children’s teacher that taught you a real cool song. 

The Disciples were the twelve men that Jesus called personally to follow Him and be leaders in His ministry.  There are thirteen names if you count Matthias who was added to replace Judas Iscariot (Acts 1:12-21), and you should, but there were never more than twelve Disciples at one time.  These men can tell us great deal about Jesus, and Jesus’ heart and character, so today, here are 5 facts on Jesus disciples.

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Five Old Testament Historical Facts to Help You Keep the Story Straight

Have you ever watched a movie series out of order?  You jump from the second story to the fifth story, and wonder how on earth did the good guys get trapped in this snow, weren’t they in a rocky desert? Why is this army coming after them?  Weren’t those guys in white good guys, and now they are shooting at the good guys? What is going on?  Then you feel really lost.  I have.  Well, this can happen when you bounce around reading the Old Testament whether it is your daily reading plan, or your pastor’s sermon series.  There are major events that occur throughout the Old Testament, and if you are not familiar with them.  You can be lost reading certain passages.  

Here are 5 historical events that are crucial for following the Old Testament Story.  

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