Choose Carefully: A Preacher’s Response on Voting Faithfully

As we are heading towards another election, I have been asked to address the question of how to vote faithfully as a Christian.  I imagine this is a question that many of you have been wrestling with for weeks if not years, so let’s explore this idea of voting faithful as a Christian.   

Step 1: Be Uncomfortable 

First, concerning the election, if you are right now, uneasy, confused, lost, and a tad physically queasy, well then, you are in a very good place in order to vote.  With the long established separation of church and state in the United States, no matter the candidates’ personal faiths which absolutely can be Christian, we are choosing leaders for a secular role in a secular government.  That is just a weird experience for a spiritual individual.  If you feel weird and uncomfortable voting, that is good.   

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