What is Institutional Racism? A Preacher’s Response to his own Ignorance

I want to address the racial tension in our country, but this will be a different article than I usually write because I am not going to share my opinion.   Today, I am going to define a term.  We need good, clear definitions, so we can understand each other.  Let me begin with two disclaimers.  First, I am not trying to ignite a heated back and forth between anyone.  Lord knows we need more conversations and less angry debate.  And second, I am going to admit my ignorance.  With all the race discussion around us, I heard the term “institutional racism” or “systemic racism” over and over.  I have to admit.  I did not know with any depth what was meant by the terms, institutional racism or systemic racism.  I only had vague impressions.  In my research, I even found out that institutional racism and systemic racism are synonyms, so I am going to use the term institutional racism throughout this article for clarity’s sake. Today, I want to share what I have learned about institutional racism, just so you can know what this term means.  

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